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Main Process Systems

                                                               Injection / assembly / coating
                                                               · Automatic assembly work on the injection product using robots
                  operation                                    · Automatic coating work on the assembled products using robots
                                                               · Dry the coated product in the room

                 Integrated                                    Dissolution
                Management                                     · Spheroidizing agent automatic commitment computerization system
                   System                                      · Tapping and injection temperature computerization system

                 Integrated                                    Dissolution Material and Structure inspection
                Management                                     · Material inspection by charge
                   System                                      · Management of tissue, spheroidizing ratio(Nodularity Ratio),
                                                                   and pearlite computer system using metal microscope

                 Production                                    Knock-out / Cutting / Finish Grinding
                   process                                     · Automatic Knock-out work using robot
                 automation                                    · Automatic cutting work using robot
                                                               · Automatic grinder operation

               Main Process Systems

                              Facility name                       standard          Number of possession
                             INJECTION MACHINE                   Parien. 500x500             24
                             WAX HOLDING TANK                       1Ton                    2SET
                           ROBOT COATING SYSTEM                                             2SET
                              CONVEYOR LINE                                                 2LINE
                                AUTOCLAVE                                                     4
                                 BDINER                            EZ-1000G                 5SET
                         ELECTRIC INDUCTION FURNACE                                         4SET
                                SINTERING                                                     2
                        ROBOT AUTO SHELL-REMOVAL M/C                                        1SET
                            HI SPEED CUTING M/C                                             1SET
                         HANGER SHOT(IMPERA2TYPE)               1800x1900x2000H             5SET
                              APRON SHOT M/C                      200Vx60Hz                 3SET
                             AUTO CUTTER M/C                                                  4
                               GRANDING M/C                        multi type               4SET
                         COORDINATE MEASUREING M/C                500x600x400                1?
                             SOLARIS CCD PLUS                     360x890x620                1?
                           SUNIVERSAL TESING M/C                                             1?
                         METALLURGICAL MICROSCOPE                   GX41                     1?
                                  Sum                                                        173

                                                                                             Neonent Co., Ltd.   03
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