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Our mission is to be a company that helps customers realize their dreams
              through the manufacture of materials. We provide the best services and products with a rational and profession-
               al approach.  We want to be the first company to look for when our customers plan their dreams based on the
                                         core values of management and responsibility.

                                                      Core Value

                                                                                             Trust and
                    Reasonable and                                        Dedication to
                                      Be the best and   Commitment to                      responsibility
                     professional                                         our company
                                       give the best    Your Success                         in every
                      approach                                            and the world


                      Profit release through        Development and           Secure quality assurance
                      continuous innovation       accumulation of new          and strengthen quality
                            activities              technology ITEM              competitiveness

               What is Precision Casting

              ? One-time-consumable patterns and one-time-consumable molds can be used to create sophisticated forms that are difficult
                to manufacture and process. As such, a manufacturing technique that can be manufactured with high precision is an invest-
                ment casting method or a lost wax method.
              ? Wax is injected into the mold to make a model, and the mold material of the model is coated, dried, and heated to melt the wax.
                After the firing process, the remaining wax is burned off completely to form a high strength mold.
              ? The product is made by injecting molten alloy into the cavity of the mold to obtain the product with high precision, clean
                product surface and complex shape.  Produced products are applicable to all industries such as automobile parts
                (engine, transmission material), ship parts, aircraft, defense, medical equipment.

               Advantages of Precision Casting

              ? Good design flexibility.                             ? Reduce manufacturing cost
              ? Wide range of applications over ferrous and nonferrous alloys  ? High dimensional accuracy.
              ? Can be manufactured with integrated components and costly machining processes can be reduced or omitted.

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